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    Connection Type:Snap In
TR NumberETRTO NumberValve Hole Diameter in Rim(mm/Inch)Max Inflation Pressure                      (PSI/Bar)A (mm)B (mm)C (mm)

1.Function:                       Inflate or deflate a tubeless tire.

2.Valve accessories included:     Valve core,valve cap 

3.Material of Valve Core Chamber: Aluminum Alloy/Brass/Zn Alloy.

4.Material of Rubber:             Natural Rubber/EPDM rubber.

5.Material Of Valve Core:         Brass/Zn Alloy.

6.Warranty:                       12 months According to BL Copy.

7.Longly TR413 tubeless valves  are 100%leak tested .

8.Longly TR413 Supply to All over the world, popular in market of Southeast Asia,Eastern Europe,South America,Middle East,Africa.

9.TR413 Snap-In valves with aluminium cores housing, which are cost-efficient, lightweight and fast flowing.When compared to its brass counterpart, in-house testing identified our TR413 Snap-In valve with aluminium core housing upholds the same 210km/h speed rating but is 20% lighter and boasts a 60% faster airflow rate for inflation as well as deflation.

10.Sample Policy:

We can supply free sample if we have ready parts in stock, and the customers should pay the courier cost.

Regard to Customized samples ,customer pay sample costs and the courier cost.

11.EPDM rubber is Cold,Heat and Ozone Resistant.

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