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    Air Impact Wrench 1 inch Twin Hammer LL76H
      Air Impact Wrench 1 inch Twin Hammer LL76H

Purchase Guide:
The LL105 is our most powerful 1 inch pneumatic impact wrench,and the LL588 is the

 low cost and most competitive one.
 And LL105,LL95,LL90,LL88,LL85,LL70 are available in three colors.
LL480 and LL430 have 1inch or 3/4 inch can be choosed,and they are light weight.
Almost all 1 inch pneumatic wrenches are pin less,except LL76,LL680 ,LL480 and LL430.
Short Anvil can be choosed,except LL76 and LL588 Hexagonal Socket.

方头尺寸 /Square drive :1"
进气接头 / Air  inlet:1/2"
空载转速 / Free speed :4000r.p.m
空气压力 / Air pressure :8-12kg/cm²,90psi
重量 /Net weight:15kg
最大扭力/ Max torque:5000N.m
打击轴长度 /Anvil Length: in 8"
打击结构 / Clutch type:  双锤式 Twin Hammer


Q:What's the difference between twin hammer and pin-less?

A:    1.Twin hammer is mainly used in 1/2 “ air impact wrench, because the torsion produced by this structure is much greater than that produced by single hammer, and it has higher requirements for materials. If this structure is applied to the 1 inch impact gun, its striking block  is very easy to crack. 

  2. The main structure for 1 inch air impact wrench is single hammer and pin-less structure. This kind of structure is the most ideal structure at present in terms of resisting ability. 

    3.Principle of work is the compressed air output by the air compressor. When the compressed air enters the air cylinder, it drives the impeller inside to rotate to generate the rotating power. The impeller drives the connected striking parts to move like hammering. After each striking, load or remove the screws.

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